Final Creator Appreciation Week post

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Are those people down there? Or is it the walking dead?

I am still going to talk about Overhaul mods for 7 days to die, and some of the creators that have created them for us. If you’re looking for a funny mod, well then I have one for you called Joke Mod. I haven’t played it yet myself, and I’m waiting for the right time to download it, and install it. Plus I want to see if I can install it like I have with my modded game. The technique I use one that Khaine’s Korner showed in a YouTube video and this is the method I am using is “-UserDataFolder=G:\7DayMods” All you have to do is replace the “G:\7DaysMods” to whatever you use , and you just place that after “G:\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie.exe“, It’s where ever you have your game located. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about I have posted the video at the end of this post to help you understand what I’m talking about better. With Joke mod, it is technically a mod that is intended to make you laugh, but have a good time with a few things that are extremely funny as shit. Like mega Karen’s, Boneheads, the fat Hawaiian who snorts like a pig and etc. It really is a good mod to play and I will be grabbing it and playing it myself for the fun of it. The other mod I am waiting for it come out of the experimental release and into the full release is called War of the Walkers. There really isn’t much about a story behind it, except the modder has a full time job and does this on the side when he can and he does keep it updated very regularly as well.

Rebirth Mod,

The next mod I have played in A20 was called Rebirth, and you can get really deep into this mod. Here is the Modder’s explanation as to why he created Rebirth. Right now on Nexus Mods it’s hidden, but eventually once he’s updated it ,and he’s posted updates on his discord about it. They’ll let him reupload it and it will be there for everyone, but if you’re still playing A20 and want to play a good mod. You can pick it up from his discord. I haven’t seen it on the 7 Days to Die Mod website yet. It’s coming and it’ll be well worth the wait.


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I’m coming for you! I want your brains!!

There are just so many mods, overhauls that I can’t fit into a weeks worth of Creators Appreciation Week, so I hope you’ve enjoyed a little look into ways to make your 7 Days to Die gaming a little better, or if you’re looking for a way to spice up your play throughs at this time. Update: Khaine the modder who created Darkness Falls overhaul has released an experimental build to his Darkness Falls, but the full release isn’t ready yet, but he’s giving the community access to play the overhaul mod in Alpha 21. Below is the video that he explains how to install mods an easier way then in previous Alphas. I used it all the time from A20 until now without having to have so many copies of the core game along with Mods and Overhauls. I’m hoping the other modders will be making this same change. Until next time!!

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