To mod or not? 7 Days to Die, and others

I know I have blogged about this in the past, but I wanted to write up a new post on this. Reason being is because at one time I didn’t want to mod my games, especially 7 Days to Die, but not anymore. I’m no longer interested in playing a vanilla game with a lack luster quality of life improvements. The improvements I’m talking about is bigger backpacks, more toolbar slots, and even something that changes the weather too. If you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos on 7 Days to Die, I have included the mods I use, but I will be linking the two websites that I use the most often to get those mods, and keep them updated. I also tried to go back and play just regular vanilla 7 days to die, and well I just can’t. I know these all will be changing in Alpha 21, but it’s not happening just yet. I will play it once it’s out for the rest of us that aren’t streamers, but there is no talk about that yet as I haven’t found anything on the official forums yet. I haven’t even been keeping up with all the updates and whatnot that they are doing to the game. I just opted to not get into the updates to the game so that when I see them I can make a determination of how I feel about the game play that they are changing. I watched a YouTube Video from Khaine’s Korner about how to install mods without having to remove them from the install folder that steam does. I will post the video below to help explain it better. He was installing his own MOD and a few others, and or explaining why some will not work. It was very informative and I have found this new method is much easier to get them to install. The video will be at the end of the post to help explain it.

I have tried not to really enjoy the mods, but once I tried them, I started to enjoy the game overall more and more. While I am also trying a lot of the Overhaul mods as well, I am just really enjoying playing 7 Days to Die, and I have been planning my next world for Alpha 21 when it’s released, but until it’s out I will not be giving any details on what I’ll do. I am also looking for a way to play some of the older versions without losing the current alpha, all because I have made a few videos from the older alphas, but had to stop playing because at the time my PC wasn’t up to par to running it. It ran a lot of other games, but as we all know 7D2D has a lot of issues with being optimized, and running properly on older PCs, but that is expected in reality. I also do know that in the future when I start recording videos I am going to give myself a headlight mod each time because well recording at night is a bit of a hindrance because of the lighting in the game. I will also be making it where the first head light I get in game I will just dump on the ground so that be fair for game play. I have seen a lot of other YouTubers doing the same thing because it’s hard to find a light mod in the beginning of a new series. I will be adding the places I get the mods I use at the end of this post right under the video I mentioned to help explain it better with installing mods, and overhaul mods without touching your main game. I’m not sure how this would work for Multiplayer , but I know this method works for single player. Enjoy folks, and have a great time zombie killing.

Nexus Mods for 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Mods,

Official 7 Days to die forums for Mods,

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