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I play a lot of games, but as of recently I’ve been looking into Mods from other players for a certain game and that is 7 Days to Die. I am not sure what version you get if you have the PC Gamepass from the Microsoft Xbox Store. I do know they haven’t updated since they gave out the Alpha 15 port for Xbox and PS4. I do know that if you have either of those consoles they are in deed working on a new console version since the debacle with Tell Tale who were porting the game onto consoles. So if you’re still waiting just be patient is what I can say about it. I do hope it’s sooner over later before Console gets the current version or at least one of the others from the past. I know a lot of people are playing this mod, along with Darkness Falls, and a few others. I do love playing modded versions of 7 days only for a new take on playing this game. So what is Apocalypse Now Mod? Well it’s an Overhaul Mod just like Darkness Falls and a few other mods that you can find either on the official forums for 7 days, or Nexus Mod, and of course there is a website for just Mods, and overhauls as well. So if you’re looking to play a modded version of 7 days, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you’ll like, or if you just want to add a few things to improve your vanilla game. I have tried to play the original version, and well it just lacks a few things that I like in the game, so I mod it now.

As I play through this mod I will be taking more screenshots so that I’ll be able to use new photos in posts. Plus I want to take screenshots of the bases I build, and so forth. It’s just something I like to do is screenshots of various games I play so that I can use those images over a general stock photo I find in places online. It’ll give me something to do as well for when I don’t feel like recording too. I have my modded vanilla version that I am currently playing, and then I have my overhaul version that I am playing when I’m not recording so that I have something else to do. Plus it’ll give me more of an insight as to whether or not if I want to record it as well. Which I may just do that but not right now I am just using the one version that I am doing. Again if you’re looking into modding your version of 7 days to die I hope this post will help you and give you some insight where to find these mods.

Apocalypse Now Mod is a total overhaul mod with a lot of modifications and it’s a good overhaul mod. If you’re looking for more information there is a YouTuber who did an excellent video of what it is. He’ll give you a run down on what the mod is , and how to play it. I will say one thing about installing this mod, make sure you whitelist it on all your antivirus, firewalls, etc. I figured that out in the end when I was stumbling to get past the black screen after the initial logo screen. Always make sure you double check, hell I even triple checked it to make sure it would run so that I could play it. I do hope that in the future that modders will be changing how to install their mods. Khaine did that for Darkness Falls where I don’t have to copy the same game over and over and rename the folders so that I can have multiple mods installed. What I’m talking about is a line of text that goes on the Properties page, in the Target area, what I am talking about is this. ” “YourDrive:\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie.exe” -UserDataFolder=YourDrive:\7D2DMods\DarknessFalls” , At the end you can see the italic text where I have my mods and Darkness falls. It doesn’t require having multiple copies of the same game, now it just requires a simple folder where you can name them after their prospective mods and direct it there. I hope that this way will be the way in the future, but for now on some of the Overhaul mods I will be using the old method of copying the game and placing the mod folder into the copy of the game.

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