Finally happened

Yup finally 250 mounts

As the image above reads. It finally happened after a few months of extreme hard work on my part of grinding out to get my 250 mounts. Course now I’ll be working on the 300 mounts achievement. I wanted the Felfire Hawk the most because I do love the green color on it. I can remember hearing from others how it’s impossible to get these mounts without going into Raids, belonging to a good guild, and etc. I just tend to do everything that some say is impossible, it’s not impossible. It’s just a lot harder when you’re a solo player. I won’t lie and say I did buy a few store mounts, but the rest I earned through the Twitch drops, what Prime was giving away as well. Others I’ve earned by doing quests, praying to the RNG powers that be to give me a mount that I was going after, and sometimes it worked, other times it didn’t.

Taeanbane’s New look

I’ve also decided to give my main a new look, and this is what I came up with now. I may revert it back to his original one I had for the last year or so, but I decided for a change at the moment. His pets that run with him are the from the Feathermanes and they are the Pale Slyverns. I’m still on the hunt for the last tome that I need to go and do the raid that is needed for this tome. Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers. I know I need to do the raid and kill the one boss to get it. I just haven’t felt like trying that raid just yet since it’s an older content now, and should be soloable for me. Course right now I’m just working on how to tame the dragonkin, and Ottuk Taming now.



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