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I preordered this back on July 30,2022, and I got the Epic edition, and that is because well Blade told me too. He knows how I love to get new mounts, and new things when I am playing games like this. Plus this is something we agreed to do each time I get interested in a new expansion to keep my interest in a game. I did get invited to test out the beta a few months back, and I started too, but then I just opted to not go any further as I really wanted to experience this expansion without any kind of spoilers, so I even stayed away from websites, and posts about datamining. I wanted a fresh perspective without having any kind of information and without spoilers. It’s like any other game that I play, unless it’s 7 days to die, then I don’t care about spoilers there because that game still after all this time has a lot of “Coming Soon™”. I just didn’t want my first time playing Dragonflight have any kind of spoilers. I knew it was about dragons because of the name, but that was it. I didn’t watch any of the trailers, nor get involved with discussions about game play and so forth. That is just me.

This image was taken on Monday at 7:00pm eastern time. An hour after we go the release of Dragonflight. I also waited until after dinner because well let’s face it. MMO’s do not have the best records for releasing new content without a ton of bugs, and errors, and so forth. I have yet to find an MMO that doesn’t have some sort of beginning bugs in the expansions, no matter how often and how many times they put it up on a PTS of any kind. I have been around long enough in MMOs to see that no game is perfect, and no game doesn’t have it’s opening day issues. I waited until roughly around 10pm Est time again to try and get to the Dragon Isles, and by then it was semi fixed. I didn’t use my Dracthyr to start the expansion. Instead I used Taeanbane who has been my main since I unlocked the Void Elf’s back in BFA. Mind you I have only been playing since the expansion with Legion. I am not a veteran and I’m not a die hard fan of Warcraft. I just like being able to play and explore an open world like they have created. I love to collect achievements, mounts, pets, and just play at my own pace, when I want, and how I want. That is who I am as a player. I don’t raid, I don’t do many dungeons, unless of course I’m over level on them. Then again I just enjoy playing a game, and being able to take my time with everything. I even reactivated my subscription to Zygor as well because it is a good leveling system for WoW.

This was another mount I was trying for the last few years, and last night as I didn’t want to play for a few hours I decided to go an give Hearthstone another chance, and this time I finally did it. Took me 3 hours and 4 games but I finally got this mount for my collection too. So I was happy with this small achievement because it’s something I’ve wanted for a good long while now and I finally did it. My entire thoughts on Dragonflight will be coming in the next section. Just well I’m proud of myself for a lot that I have been accomplishing this late in the year. I know for many these may seem like small things, but for someone like me who doesn’t keep a set schedule for anything because of how my mind works, and how my anxiety sometimes gets the best of me even in video games. I fall silent, and go into a dormant mode where I don’t feel like doing anything and that is result of how messed up my mind is. So far for the last few months I’ve been doing what I set myself as small goals. I’m playing more and more games now, and I’m starting to enjoy it again, where as before I just couldn’t get into anything I was playing, but now I am. The leveling experience in Dragonflight is nice too. I don’t like the Renown system, because I have experience with it from another MMO I still play from time to time as well, but it is what it is, and these games just seem to be copying each other on certain things from time to time.

I do love the idea of getting new pets for my Beast Master Hunter who ironically has never changed the title since I got it a few years ago. He’s been Huntmaster from the time I got it. I just never really felt like any other title fit since this was my 2nd Hunter, but first one I took to max level back in BFA at level 120, and kept him there until they did the level squish for Shadowlands. I will be making another post in a few days about the add ons I use for WoW, and what my thoughts on each of them are, I am only thinking about doing this now as I plan to dump a lot of the add ons as they either 1 don’t work, or 2 no longer updated by the creators because a lot of people have left WoW since Shadowlands, and even before that when BFA was launched. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little post, and the little screen shots I’ve uploaded in this minor post.

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