Finally All Legion Class Hall Mounts

Final Achievement for Class Hall Mounts

So last night I was able to finally get my last Legion Class Hall Mount which was for the Priest. I have been working on older content like the Legion Class Hall Mounts all because I wanted them to add to my collection, and I finally did last night. Now I think my next big progress will be for the Heritage Armor Sets from the Allied Races, I have gotten the one for the Blood Elves, and I’m also currently working on the one for the Humans, I did get the Mag’har Orc Heritage Armor set on my Beast Master Hunter a while back when I got him to level 50 by doing the Warlords of Draenor quests which I believe I’m still doing for him. The very first armor set I did unlock was on my Alliance Void Elf when I got him to level 50 a long time ago it seems. Getting the class mounts was something I’ve been working on for the last few months. Reason being for that is because I get tired of Reputation grind for certain things, plus it just gives me something else to do. I also do have the Vulpera Heritage Armor Set because I have a rogue who is a Vulpera, and I can not forget about this armor set I have too, Worgen Greyguard Heritage Armor, which was a pain to get because I had to be Exalted with Gilneas to even get the quest line started , along with being level 50 too.

Class Hall Mounts

  • Death Knight ✅
  • Demon Hunter ✅
  • Hunter ✅
  • Mage ✅
  • Monk ✅
  • Paladin ✅- Draeni Mounts ✅, Lightforged ✅, Blood Elf ✅, Tauren ✅ , Zandalari Troll✅, Dark Iron Dwarf ✅, Dwarf ✅
  • Priest -✅
  • Rogue ✅
  • Shaman ✅
  • Warlock ✅
  • Warrior ✅

Heritage Armor and Other quests

Like I said above in the post I am currently working on the various Heritage Armor sets that are out there for both Allied Races, and normal races in the game. Reason I am doing this is because it keeps me interested in Warcraft at the moment. I am not one for a continuous grind for reputation for certain things. Even though with my Void Elf Hunter Taeanbane was the first one to get his Allied Race Heritage Armor set when I hit level 50 with him. Which was my first proud moment over getting his Huntmaster Title and the Legion Class Hall Mount for him, then I had to get the required Tome to tame feathermanes and up until Dragonflight he was always with the Wolfhawks, now he’s with the
Slyverns I have picked up for him as well. I need the one to tame Otters, Blood Beasts, and Dragonkin. The Blood Beasts one may be a little hard for me since it’s locked to a boss fight in a Raid which is Uldir, which I’ve heard is soloable now with decent gear from Dragonflight which is what I’m working at the most on my hunter. Get him geared properly so I can attempt it again. I did get to Mother until I got frustrated with the fight and left it go. The other two are locked behind renown and truth be told I really dislike this part the most because it’s unfair to players who are not playing in a guild, or on all the time to grind it. It’s just a knock down for me, and is another reason why I don’t playing certain things, and why I do walk away for weeks at a time, and go play single player games. Oh well it is what it is, and I know I’m not alone in the feeling of these.

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