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In yesterday’s post I talked about a few modders that have improved the game 7 days to die in my opinion. They gave us something else to play other the vanilla game of it all. So picking up where I left off on that post we’ll talk more about overhaul mods that improve the game at least I think so. In this post I’ll be talking about overhauls I’ve watched and played some. First up will be one that is really unique in there own sense and that is the Wild West Mod. The person that created this mod also used their community as well to help it come to life. It’s really a unique take on the zombie apocalypse and the map customization is unique too.  Here is what the mod is about.

The Wild West Mod rolls back time to around the Mid 19th Century ‘Wild West America’ (+/- 20 years). It attempts to remove features which are not time appropriate and introduce additional features to expand and complement the overall experience. A few examples include:

  • Only the ‘Old West’ type tiling system will appear when using the RWG, with age appropriate POIs.
  • Asphalt has been replaced with gravel throughout the whole world.
  • Car assets have been overwritten with wagons. This continues to allow wrenching.
  • Some items have been renamed such as electrics to connectors and given an appropriate icon.
  • Weapons have been rolled back with customization, and a return of the Hunting Rifle from earlier 7D2D builds.
  • Age appropriate food items.
  • Custom lighting, traps, vending machines, and other features.
  • Hooked up for Telrics Horses, and an Oakraven Steam Horse.

The Mod Pack is bundled with both a Guide, with a more detailed overview, and a Custom World called ‘New Frontier’ that began as a totally flat RWG, just to add in the Old West tiling system. It was then built up with valleys, mountain ranges, an extinct looking volcanic crater, a populated river, and all the POIs the Wild West could ever want.


The above information was taken from the Mod’s page over at 7 Days To Die Mod website. So if you want to fight Zombies with cowboy hats, and etc. I’d go check out this mod and maybe even discover something new to play in the 7 days to die world. So if you’re looking for a new overhaul to play try this one.

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The next mod I will be touching on is called Apocalypse Now  [Disclaimer: This mod is not ready for A21 as of writing this post. I will let everyone know when he’s released it.] What is this mod about? He wanted to make it harder to progress and try to make it fun as well. He has done a wonderful job about it. There isn’t much detail about it, but since it’s still just set for A20, here is the link to the official forums to check it out. Killerbunny264 is another that I believe is a sadist because of the torment he puts us through with his mod. Also don’t forget to check out his discord as it is there he’s posting a lot of the updates to the mod he has created. This mod is not A21 ready, so please keep that in mind. Join me in tomorrow’s post where I will finish up Creators week with even more mods for the game and enjoy!

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