How I stay motivated?

How I stay motivated?

In essence I don’t. I will literally forget that I even have a blog at times. It’s sad to say that, but there are times I will go months without making a post. I know that isn’t a good way to keep a blog going, but there are times I have no reason to blog because I don’t have anything that I want to share, or even say. I tend to go into research mode before I even start writing then making notes of everything that I want to put into a post. I still take breaks in between writing though because I have too with my back and hips. I suffer chronic pain in both and need to get up from time to time and stretch them to keep them from going stiff. I don’t know how to help someone else stay motivated when I have so much of a hard time from time to time myself. The best advice I can say is don’t over do whatever it is you are doing. Take your time, and just keep planning on whatever it is your working on. Be it for a real life job, a hobby, even just wanting to get some posts out there in your blog to let your readers know that you are still around and kicking. Just little updates from time to time if you’re active on social media. Anything really helps with staying motivated.

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Take a breath, find your inner peace, then proceed

Find your inner peace

I guess the best way to stay motivated is to stop, take a break, find your inner peace, or Zen, then proceed onto your current task at hand. I try this at least multiple times a day so that I don’t let myself get stressed out, or overworked on a project that I am taking on with blogging. I just want to find a way to be able to not spread myself so thin on some of the things I do. Especially since I’m also recording videos for my YouTube too. Usually on weekends I do a mega game play of whatever I am recording, then on Sunday night I’ll let Handbrake compress the videos so that I can upload them to YouTube during the week, which is important to me. So still even recording game play I need to keep myself motivated, and from time to time in between recording sessions I’ll stop and take a 5-10 minute break and come back and start it all over again. I do try to record during the week too on some of the games I play that don’t require a lot of my work into it. This whole week I will be talking about staying motivated, not just on blogging, but within life itself too when things are constantly changing around me. So enjoy some of my techniques I use to help me stay motivated on a lot of things.

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