Why I still play 7D2D?

I know for some they are probably moving on from playing this game, but yet I pretty much keep it as the main staple on my channel over on YouTube at the moment, by that I mean I upload Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Also it dawned on me on one of my videos that I had hit level 100, along with Day 50+ as this is the longest series I’ve done with this game ever all because usually I get bored and delete it all, but given this is a non horde playthrough that was suggested by a friend over on Twitter. I decided to keep going with it until Alpha 21 is released now. Plus this is my go too game when I’m wanting a break from MMOs at the moment which happens to be quite often anymore. Plus I am currently thinking of my next playthrough, and I want to be more talkative, so I’m trying with this series now. I may even one day set it back to default in the game, but I enjoy playing at the lowest difficulty because that gives me more time to explore, build, and of course explore and do trader missions. To me that is more fun then doing a horde every day, or every how ever often you set it up for. While I do enjoy watching others play that way. I just don’t because I’m the explorer and I really don’t like being stuck in a place for very long which is why I do everything the way I do.

I still want to learn how to properly set up the electricity in the game, and I have not just found the time to go watch some videos on YouTube about how to set it up all the way.  When I’m not recording I’ve been testing out other mods and or overhauls that I’ve seen others play, and just haven’t thought about starting them up. Course now with Alpha 21 just knocking on the door I’m not sure I want to start something only having to stop after they release it to the rest of lowly folks that don’t have the means to stream, or just doesn’t stream at all. I expected that though because it is their game, and their rules. I’ll just have to wait like the others because I will be doing a game play through and not use mods until they take it out of experimental. I don’t have a huge YouTube following, but I’m good with that, I just enjoy the viewers I do have and appreciate those that do take the time to watch the content I put on my channel. So I am happy with the way things are going on my YouTube channel. It’s a slow growth, but it’s worth it. Like I’ve said in the past I am doing this for a hobby and for something to do and keep me entertained, and to help me with being a little more social. I have decided to start writing a story for the next series I will be doing.

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