Whatever happened to Darth Jadus?

I have often wondered what happened to Darth Jadus since he left the Empire and went into hiding to hopefully return one day to rebuild the Sith Empire. When I was playing my very first Imperial Agent I did side with Jadus, and I did become his hand even though many frowned upon it in the empire, but it was my decision ultimately to become his hand and help him rebuild the empire from outside, but after that chapter ended and we went on various missions very rarely ever hearing from him again. I often wondered what had become of Darth Jadus as we really never heard anything more about him after the end of that chapter. He’s had a few mentions in other expansions, but nothing from him, and I am probably not alone in wanting to know what happened to Jadus. I mean he was suppose to be 2nd to the Emperor’s power, and you’d think they would have brought him back into the fold after we did destroy the Emperor himself. Yet as someone who plays the agent story line again and again, I am often left to wonder will we ever see Jadus again in the future, or is he like so many others. Just forgotten about, and if that is the case, I think it was a poor decision to forget about him and many others that we had interaction with through out the original class stories in SWTOR.

“Damn it, we can’t fight him on our own — his power is second to the Emperor’s.” ―Watcher Two

He was one Dark Council member that earned my respect because he was not like the others that were fighting among each other to gain a power base. He was mentioned a few times by others but he’s never reappeared like it was promised at the end of that chapter when I decided to become the Hand of Jadus. So over the years I’ve often wondered about him and what happened to him and if he really did start building a new empire or what have you. After Chapter One, it was done. We rarely ever spoke to him, or saw him again and then we got a letter from him saying he was removing himself and would return in the future for a new age of Empire he had envisioned. I’d still like to know what happened to him at least for my agents that I play from time to time. The one agent I played that enjoyed becoming the Hand of Jadus was Trayvae.


The Hand of Jadus before becoming Commander of the Alliance
Of course though Trayvae would probably not return to become the hand of Jadus should he ever return, but my other agents may. I just always wanted to know what happened to Jadus, and what he has been doing since he placed himself in seclusion and left us just always wondering why he did so.

I just always wondered what happened with Darth Jadus. Will he ever return to the Empire, or will he be gone forever!

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