How I stay motivated ?

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Isn’t this a beautiful scene?

How I stay motivated?

I’m not saying I’m a very positive person because sometimes I just wonder why I keep doing all this. The blogging, the recording videos, etc. It’s just something I go through at times. I enjoy doing what I do and that is what helps keep me going. Of course if you have a pet spend time with them too before, during and after whatever you are doing. Reason I do that is because well Raven is my sanity or at least she keeps me centered and focused on things I need to do to keep my sanity. She helps keep me balanced even when I’m not feeling good physically too. I am so thankful for having her in my life because she brings me so much happiness, and peace within. I have been having an extremely difficult time today writing this post so that it will be scheduled for Thursday all because whatever is going on with my right eye is making it to were I’m exhausted, and light is bothering it so I have a piece of gauze over it so that little light gets to it and causes me more pain than anything. I am determined to go on and get things done so that I can have a few hours to relax and get myself motivated to do other things. I don’t think it would be as bad if it wasn’t so white and it’s the light that is bothering my eye the most. I have an extreme light sensitivity to it at the moment. This is my determination, and motivation to get things done that I need to get done.

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Always take a moment to enjoy the small things.

Ways to keep myself motivated

It’s always a task for me to stay motivated, and ways to prevent myself from getting demotivated. I always remember that I am blogging for myself, then I blog for others. Reason I keep blogging for myself is because I really enjoy it the most. Plus it’s an outlet for me to release my thoughts about gaming, my real life issues, and so forth. Plus I enjoy talking about playing MMOs as a solo player all the time. I enjoy being told, “You can’t do this as a solo player.”, then I go and do just the opposite and prove them wrong. That is my entire life doing things that I’ve been told I couldn’t do, and prove that I could do them. It’s just what drives me as a person and how I enjoy doing the things I do. These are just the ways I stay motivated and determined to do the things I do the most. Everyone deals with how to motivate themselves in their own ways, this is just mine.

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