I’ve ran out of ideas on how to stay motivated.

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Let’s talk about something else

I have literally ran out of ideas on how to stay motivated during this week, so we’re going to talk about something else entirely for the rest of this week. Now mind you I am hoping I don’t have a lot of typos as my allergy in my right eye is making things all fuzzy and blurry as they are really bad now. So I’m going to talk about starting a new hobby with my mother who I try to keep an even relationship with. Yes we do live with my mother, who is 65 and needs help from time to time due to her health being in good to fair state. Don’t get me wrong she can still do for herself, but she can’t lift over 10 lbs., needs help with yard work, and so forth and that is where Blade and I come in. I won’t take my mother’s independence away from her unless I just have too. Both of my parents in their 60’s, and my father has stated time and time again he doesn’t want, nor welcome my help. So that is where I stand with him. Fine, be an old bitter man and wallow away from me. Don’t think I don’t love my father because I do a lot more then most children should. Same with my mom, both my parents mentally abused me without realizing it , and because I’m the only child. I forgave them both, and stayed because it is my duty as their only child to help in way I can. Without them I wouldn’t be here. That isn’t what this post is about. It’s about finding something my mom and I can do together, and well I found it. She’s a creative person, but she does lack motivation at times so I’m helping her do something different. I bought us two diamond paintings to do over the winter.

She loves butterflies

I picked up this one because my mother loves butterflies. So I went to Temu, and got each one, but now I have to get us the clear coat to put it on it after it is done, or the magnetic frames to put over after we are done with them. The image above is what I got her, she loves butterflies, and I’ve always tried to get her something that she loves. The image below is what I got for myself. I love Ravens and Crows so I got myself this one. Now where and how much did I spend for them well that is where I’m going to reveal where I got it. I got them from a website that has been advertised on Temu. For the butterfly diamond painting I paid $ 1.94 for it, and for the Crow one I paid $3.98 for it. Not a bad price for either one. I use Temu buy a lot of things. Earphones, my art supplies, and so forth. I do that because even though I do have an amazon wish list for my art stuff. I just can’t help using Temu, even though for some will get upset because all products are made in another country, but hello, almost everything we use is made in another country, even our PC parts. So get over it. I will always use Temu, and I have not had any issues with using them. I have bought mens swim trunks from them. Even bought Blade those Mechanix gloves that typically run $24.95 at our local Walmart. Instead I bought them from Temu at $5.97 a pair. I mean when you are a penny pincher, you learn to use whatever means you have out there. So this is my post for other things than staying motivated.

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