Where have I been as of late?

As the banner above says it all that is where I’ve been still. I have been working on the games I am currently playing, and compressing them then uploading them nightly to YouTube for a scheduled time on the next day to release the video. I have even went back into my playthrough of the fallen knight who has went into the Empire and is working his way through the Sith Warrior and I’m not entirely sure why I decided to go back to playing that , but I have enough videos now to last a month or so with that game. I will continue to do that story line, and finish uploading them on the off days that I don’t have anything else scheduled like some of the 7 Days to Die content I’m still doing.  I am also trying to find something more to blog about as I’m still not entirely sure how well this blog will be received anymore since I’ve had to redo it, and lost a lot of my data along with my posts that I have lost. I do have the posts that were saved from an old save, but I doubt I’ll be going through all those posts and putting them back up on this blog. I just decided to leave this blog as a new start for me. Start writing posts about the games I’m playing, and how I’m doing on my YouTube channel. Plus I have decided that I will start writing posts about Mental Health as well because it’s something I’m very passionate about because I do suffer from a list of disorders, but yet I don’t let them hinder my day to day life and how I try not to let it stop me from doing what I need to do.

As I was reading over the patch notes for SWTOR yesterday I opted not to play it because let’s face it. Every single patch that comes out of that game there is always one or more issues, and I can’t stand it anymore. So instead I opted to play some more 7 days to die, and just leave SWTOR alone for the time being. I do have a playlist on my YouTube channel for all the videos I’ve done so far with the Sith Warrior who is a fallen knight to play through. Right now I’m working on that, but at the moment I’m on a break until I decide to start playing again which will probably be later on today, or tomorrow. Even though when I start playing that game, I do tend to forget the outside world and don’t want to do what I am required to do instead of what I want to do. Plus in a future post I will be talking about something that will be a little helpful as to why I am not vocal in some videos, and why I am in some. Plus I have decided to try and keep my ranting down to a minimal as I’m sure not everyone wants to hear about my real life issues or thoughts I’m having.  I know some wouldn’t mind hearing about it, I just don’t want to air out my issues online to be subjected to the negative comments. Not that I care about the comments, I just don’t want to have to go through them and remove them. I don’t like doing that, but I’m trying to make sure I have a positive channel, and content, even though my language is well sometimes colorful, but I do try to keep it down to a minimal.

I guess in the final thoughts of this random blog post I am just trying to keep things going on the blog, and do YouTube as well. I will not give up on either one as this is important to me on getting my thoughts out there on the blog, and trying to keep my thoughts in a video game too while recording. I also have a post that I’m working on for my other domain, and it’s about the novels I have read in the last few months and my final thoughts about the series and how they are all entwined with one another.

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