Welcome to Blaugust Pt 5

Life with Pets

I am a dog lover. I have been ever since I was a little kid, but this post is actually a two fold for me. What I mean by that is not only have I been a lover of this 4 legged furry friend, but they have been very beneficial for my mental health during my teenage years, and even now a dog is my best line in therapy for everything in my life. This post is also how I have changed over the last few years. I was once in talk therapy, but when that doctor left my area, I haven’t found a replacement that doesn’t want to put me on medications. Reasons I don’t want the medications is because they truly alter my brain patterns and changing the way I think and so forth. Something that a lot don’t realize. I don’t want my brain patterns to be altered or changed in any way that they can disturb whatever I am doing or getting ready to do. Plus the last time I was on medications I contemplated suicide a lot, and I don’t ever want to think like that again in my life. Plus with the ways these medications work on me, I am very easy to manipulate. With having pets in my life it just makes it easier for me to manage my depression a lot more then most would think. Raven forces me to face each day to do things I need to do to give her the best quality of life that I can possibly give her. Plus her love is the best thing I can have in my life with my partner Blade. Whether it be a cat or a dog you can also talk to them and not have any judgement too. Not saying people are bad, but we can be very judgmental at times, and it’s not good for some of us that have a low self esteem or a low outlook on us.

a dog and a cat laying in the grass

Best Friends for life

There have been a lot of times that I will sit down on the floor or just lay in bed and talk to Raven. I don’t expect her to truly understand my words, or anything but she’s there to listen and I can find that most useful than anything else because she just loves me unconditionally. To me that is the best thing about our furry four legged friends. They love us no matter how much of a bad day we have too. Blade didn’t understand the love of an animal until Raven came into our lives, and now he can’t see our life without her, and he does understand that a day will come were we will have to say goodbye to her until our time here on earth is done, but like I told him. Once she is gone I will always open up my heart to another in need. That to me is their belief that we always open our hearts and homes up to them and bring in either a puppy, or senior and let them have their life as happy and as loved like Raven’s life has been. So yeah welcome to Blaugust, even though todays post was all about my love of Dogs, and how I believe animals are just perfect, and so very understanding, and unconditional love that we all need in our lives.

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