Welcome to Blaugust Pt 3

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Frustrations are real

While I’m excited to be writing again. I’m also a little frustrated with a certain game I play. That game being 7 days to die, what I’m having issues with is that my game both old alphas and this current one has a major bug. I can put my vehicles down, ride them, even mod them in my inventory before placing them. Once placed down though they can’t be picked up, can’t interact with them, and they are kind of stuck like that. I went through and did all the usual testing and so forth only to be let down. I’ve posted on Twitter, my own video of the issue, even went to the official forums, and nothing. I’m at a loss.

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Keep a schedule for things.

I have never been a true fan of keeping schedules because I am a firm believer that somewhere down the line a monkey wrench will be tossed into my plans, and I’ll have to reschedule things. I have been doing fairly well with keeping to a YouTube schedule, and now I have to put my schooling and blogging into the list here and how to do these things.

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