Thoughts about leaving early access

Finally leaving Early Access

A little about this game

As many know 7 days to die has been around since December 13,2013, and while I didn’t learn about the game until 3 years later and still then even though I bought it on sale during one of the many steam sales I still couldn’t play it due to having a potato for a PC but still I would try it when I kept fine tuning the graphics when I could to see if it would run. For the longest time I just couldn’t get it to run right. This next piece comes right from the steam store page for the game.

7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits!

I don’t see the role-playing part in this game from a vanilla stand point, but they say it’s there, but I’m a skeptic about it ever really coming to the game because they have been promising this since they released the game, maybe even before that. I’m sure I also saw it on their Kickstarter page when I read it in the past, and I just checked and yes it’s there, but we have yet to see it ever put into the game. Will it come? I’m not entirely sure about it because they have been promising it for years now, and still it kept getting pushed back and neglected. Instead of delivering the stuff they have said they would, it kept getting pushed back and ignored and instead they kept changing things that made the game fun by either replacing it, removing it, or just nerfing everything to make the game a lot of fun. Course I’m not sure how this is going to work with the Mods, and Modders that are currently helping keep the game alive by giving us the quality of life mods, or just some other overhauls that completely changes the game overall and gives us more of a reason to play it. At least on PC that is. The current console version pretty much renders players back in an older alpha, and I will place my thoughts about the changes coming to the console versions later on. Right now I’m just concerned with the PC aspect of the game as that is what I play on is my PC.

At the moment I am not even touching this game because I have run out of ideas, or just don’t feel that it was doing my channel any justice on YouTube, so for now I put this game on the back burner and have been playing other games. I am currently working on some new ideas to bring it back just not on a daily basis as I don’t play the game like the others do. I tend to make sure I’m not having a bullet sponge for targets, plus I enjoy playing with wandering hordes over having a horde every few days to a month of some sort. I have no high hopes of this game coming out of Early Access and into a non early access game.

Console and Price

I read on their website about the update for Console will come shortly after the release of 1.0 for PC first. I am happy that both PlayStation, and Xbox will be getting the much needed update they desired, asked for, even begged to get since their last update was back in 2017 so that was a true sour taste for a lot of console players, and while I use to watch some, a lot of them stopped playing the console versions and opted to buy PCs or just stopped playing all together, and now that it’s been announced that the first major revision of the game for consoles will be coming after PC has been released into version 1.0 and no longer in early access. It’s the price that I feel many will not be happy with, especially since many have bought the game at $24.99 on Steam or caught it on sale. I went back and looked at my Steam purchases, and I did pay the full price of $24.99 for it.  So after this last sale that you’ll be able to get this game at a cheaper rate, it will be increasing a full $20.00 to $44.99 that is a huge increase for a game that still has major issues. It kind of reminds me of how ARK (Original) left early access and jumped into a full triple A title price, which is exactly what this claiming to become.

Final Thoughts

I’m not even sure how this is going to go over well. We all know that The Fun Pimps don’t listen to their player base, and will continue to change things or just ignore some of the community, because let’s face it. It is what it is. While I will still play the game, I am just hoping that TFP will try to come forward and give all the things they promised in their Kickstarter campaign, let the modders do what they do best keep the mods working in the game to give us a variety of ways to play. Don’t get me wrong that I do hope they add their much needed role-play into the game because we’ve heard so much about having bandits, a story line all this time, and I’d like to explore that side of the game, but I also don’t want the modders and mods to stop working with the creators of these mods because let’s face it. If it wasn’t for the mods and overhauls, the game may have died a long time ago. So I’m hopeful  that they will continue to work with them, and bring these overhauls and other mods to unlock their potential as well. These are just my thoughts, and opinions on the state of the game, and wondering if leaving early access is even a good idea at all since this game has a bad history of not following through on promises.

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