A few days in American Truck Simulator

This year for Halloween the World of Trucks and SCS Software decided to do a Halloween event called Hauloween. They even gave us a new background to use for the time being. I just hope they let us keep it. It also gave me the idea to record one drive for my YouTube channel which I’ll link the video down below before I publish this post. I may do a whole series for my channel I am still deciding on that. I tried too in the past, but didn’t upload any videos for it, and even deleted that profile as well because I just didn’t feel right doing that. I am thinking of doing a complete play through with setting up the company, and doing deliveries for getting the money together to get my first truck. So that is just a thought and I’m toying with the idea. I haven’t quite made up my mind totally about it. I would love to be able to use my steering wheel, but sadly there just isn’t enough room where my PC sits at just doesn’t have enough room to sit it up, and be able to use like I want too at the moment. Maybe one day because it’s sitting right next to me on the floor and in it’s original box that I bought it in. Right now I do know that my best videos for this last month have been my 7 Days to Die series that I am currently doing at the moment. I am still trying to find out what works for me as in creating content, but now I am also looking into how to edit videos. At the moment I am only compressing them to upload them to YouTube so that I can have content out on the channel. I do a lot of research into stuff that interests me, and I am wanting to learn how to edit videos to make them much more entertaining than they currently are. I know a lot of the subscribers don’t mind, but I do. I am wanting to learn how to improve my videos, and so forth. It’s just something I want to do, just like I do plan on the future to live stream some time in the future, just unsure of when. But that is my last few days both in game and out of a game, and what my current thought process is too.

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