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Update about this post

This post was originally written on my old blog, and I was able to find the post in a notepad that I had written and decided to bring it back to life. Incase anyone wanted to play this game, and wanted my honest opinion on the game. So enjoy it!!

My thoughts about the game


I will be honest I’m not a huge Anime fan, I have watched some in the past. Like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, Inuyasha, but I was never a fan of them. The 3 I mentioned was because they caught the eye of Blade, and he’s hugely into Dragonball Z. So I was hesitant at first about even reviewing a game in this field, but I walked out of my comfort zone just for this game, and I am honestly glad I did. I tend to try and keep an open mind about games, but sometimes they just don’t grab my attention on it, and I’m glad this one did in it’s way because it really is a fun game to play. The controls are a little wonky but if you like Jump games, then this one is sure to grab you fully. I’m not much of a gamer that likes jumping puzzles, and I really couldn’t get the concept of using a tennis racket as a weapon, but in this game it really works well. I haven’t read the reviews on Steam for it, but I did remember last month reading a fellow blogger writing a review for this game, and I thought well that looks like an interesting game, but not sure about it. So I did not bother trying to find it on steam. I went looking into my email for something the other day, and in my spam folder it said I had a message in there, and normally I don’t bother looking in it  and just delete from the sidebar, but I’m glad I decided to check that message because it wasn’t spam after all. It was from the developer of this game Miracle Mia. Of course though to be sure I did check to make sure it was a legit website as there are so many scammers out there. So upon realizing it was a legit website, and the game was also legit as well I went ahead and replied back to him and said I would be more then happy to review the game.


I am still playing this game off and on, and I am enjoying it. I still am learning how to play it fully as like I said before. I’m still learning about the game as I play it but overall the story written for this game is awesome so far. I enjoy hearing the voices and the music in the background. The first and foremost important part of a game breaker for me is if it has the option to use a controller or straight up keyboard and mouse. While I’m not against games that require a mouse and keyboard, I was happy to see this game automatically detected my Afterglow Xbox One controller that I have connected to my PC that I use for my driving and racing games I play.  The story line for this story is what is really keeping me coming back to continue playing it. I’m sure this is what the developer wanted, someone that would play their game, and have fun doing so. I am learning the ways of jump and fight style in it. It’s not something I’m use too, but I am sticking it out because I do enjoy the story and I’m glad I am reviewing this game. It really is outside my comfort zone, but it’s well worth it. I am not sure if the cut off in speech is typical in the game, but sometimes I get the characters saying their name, and that is it. Other times I will get the full conversation, then I just get Mia, or Nia, or Cuz. Again I am not sure if that is intentional, but still at least I can read the story as well. Some games require you to turn on subtitles and this one doesn’t which I like a lot.  It doesn’t take much to run this game, which for some PCs and Laptops it will be great because it is not heavy on GPUs and CPUs usage, and doesn’t require a lot of disk space too, and it’s not a huge Memory sink either. Now I will run down on what this game is about.

This information comes from the press kit page from the Shademare.com website.

About the game

Sleeping soundly on a train, Mia and her sister Nia, are literally blown into a wild adventure they will never forget. Armed with a Miracle tennis racket made by their eldest sister, Lia and with the help from a cat and sentient Qube, Mia and Nia must deflect and parry their way through a horde of interdimensional destroyers known as the Geos! With their eldest sister, Lia captured by The Void, and being pursued by a mysterious Woman in Red, Mia must find the other Miracle Rackets her sister made and team up with her cousin, Coco and her Maidens to fend off the Geos and save her sister from The Void!

It was released on Steam for the PC on August 23,2019 and sales for $14.99 US, and from what I have read in the discussions for it, they are currently working on getting more countries added to be able to buy it. There are 24 Chapters to the story and I am working on them slowly at my own pace. It really is the type of game that when you don’t know what game to play, just hit play on this and you’re playing a game. Which to me may help on the days I just don’t feel like playing the many games I am currently involved in. Plus I’m curious as to how a tennis rack for a weapon can improve as I move up in levels, and some of the bosses are getting harder and harder which is another thing I really appreciate. I like watching the world deteriorate as the Geos run amok in the world and slowly destroy it.  This is just the first game from Shademare, and I welcome to learn more about the games they are going to produce, because I believe  games like this, well they deserve a spot in your PC Gaming Library if you’re into these style of games. Again I was honored that I was able to review this game, and it will be one I will continue to keep playing because to me, it’s a cute, fun, and interesting game to keep in my collection.

Miracle Mia on Steam

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