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Welcome back to Shadowz Abstract Gaming. I had to reinstall my WordPress again yesterday, and I just let it come back to the very core of everything. I lost everything I worked hard on this entire website as I had to have my hosting provider roll it back to when I first started out which meant I lost everything. I did not even have them save my database because I couldn’t be too sure what files were infected and what weren’t infected so I just decided to start fresh this time around. I will not be having multiple websites for the games I am playing. I will be doing my list, and I will be adding a blogroll for those that wish to have their link added. I will also be going through every 3 days with an online scanner to make sure that my websites are free from malicious coding and cause me to have my social media labeled as a person who shares spammy links. I do have the original images I used to upload, and I have scanned them. So I will be using those in the future, but I will not be having a separate blog for SWTOR, WOW, and a few other games I play too. I have decided against that as now that I have even shortened the original URL down to SAG which is Shadowz Abstract Gaming. I have also broken down and decided to pay for a license key to help protect myself as well.

Why did I decide to just make a whole new subdomain instead of using the Shadowz MMORPG well because I cover more then just random MMOs that I play online, and truth be told I wanted a shorter URL after all. Plus this was my surprise anyways. I had always planned to remake Shadowz Abstract Gaming, but I wanted to do it on my own, and not be forced to start over brand new, but that is just how it goes for me. From losing my main twitter, watching my twitch account go through headaches, and now this. It is what it is though and I will be making this blog into something better this time. I am sure that I will be able to do a lot more this time around, but I will not be joining Blaugust next year that is a decision I am standing by, and I will be working on my YouTube channel as well. Reason I won’t be returning is because I do not feel the need to anymore. If I lose people who follow and read my blog then so be it. I am starting to do things I want to do on my own and in my own time now too. I will always follow and read the blogs of those I  have followed and met along the way. I just wasn’t sure if or when I was going to say enough and walk away. After this year though I have decided to just say enough and walk away finally after so many years doing it, and plus knowing that some bloggers don’t like me, and after all this time I have finally decide it’s mind over matter, and it will no longer bother me at all because I’m just working on myself more and more each year instead of even trying for a group of friends. I’ll keep my circle small, and that will work enough for me. So enjoy the new Shadowz Abstract Gaming Blog.

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A woman who enjoys playing video games, and will blog about my experiences, but also record video game play for my YouTube channel.
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