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One of the most relaxing games to play

Cruising Kansas

With the release of a new state in ATS it was time to jump back into the rig and start exploring a new state, along with doing the World of Trucks even of Cruising Kansas. I have reconfigured my truck, changing up the colors on the outside, and on the inside too. I will be remaking my mod pages for both ATS and ETS 2, and I will state this now all my mods that I currently use come from the steam workshop with the exception of the Frosty Winter mod that comes from Grimes who has been doing this mod for ever as far as I can tell. I will give this warning though SCS will not be able to help you with installation of MODs, or anything in that nature as they really don’t support MODs, but they understand that we play with them, and in their own way they do support them, but don’t if you can understand that. They do appericate the modders and all they bring to the trucking world as well, but officially they can’t support them. I’m not entirely sure on why as so many other games on steam have allowed and helped out those that mod their games. It is what it is though, and people will always find ways to bring something new to the game. A little history about American Truck Simulator though. The video below was the first look into what has become one of the greatest trucking simulators today. At least in my own opinion on it being one of the greatest, but I’m sure those that play this game, and record game play for it do tend to agree to some extent while there are others that don’t. They just love to bitch about the game overall. I don’t those creators often anymore of course I’m not even sure if they are still making videos of other games too. The video below is what drew me into wanting the game when it was first released back in 2016. I did not buy though until that summer after it was released, and then it was just a few states, a few trucks, and a lot of people upset that there wasn’t more for ATS. Like so many though I did become bored with just the first few states that were released, and the trucks even though I did get bored with the game, I still played it because I love driving games, and this was something I was really into. Even though I was playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 from time to time it was really American Truck Simulator that drew me in even further.

Waiting for the next WOT events for Christmas

The truck above is from my other profile, so that I could get into holiday spirit last year, even though now that I’ve looked through my screenshot folder. I have 294 pictures just from ATS alone. Not a lot of screenshots from ETS 2 though. So that will tell you which game I play the most. Plus I have a total of 723 hours so far in ATS, where I have 288 hours in ETS 2 so that tells you what I play more than anything. I also have until the 19th to do the other two events for ETS 2 and I will get them done before then too even if I am using my older profile and do it away from recording for my YouTube channel.

From the Hauloween event, I love this background.

Cruising The Balkans – West Balkans & Cruising The Balkans – Road to the Black Sea

I have only done a handful of those jobs too for ETS2. I don’t do a lot with ETS 2 because the trips are so much further away from each destination too. I won’t give up until it’s finally over, but it’s just I need to be more awake then I am at times because I do have a tendancy to fall asleep while driving in these games. On one event I’ve dropped off 4 times, while the other I have done it 1 time. I beleive there are 15 runsfor each event. I only have 7 more in ATS and I will finish that one soon as well too, with that one I can still do it til January, but I need to at least try and finish the one for ETS 2 and get that out of the way. I also am waiting for their annual Christmas event they do every year. Delivering gifts in both, or one. We’ll just have to wait and see, they should be releasing that information soonish I hope.

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