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YouTubers and Twitch Streamers I watch

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YouTube Creators First

Today I’m going to be talking about some content creators that are active, and one that isn’t active often. Then at the end I’m going to talk about a few game developers that I feel deserve some recognition. First up on my YouTube content creators I watch is a guy that goes by Guns, Nerds, and Steel. His content is a lot of 7 days to die, but his plan out on his series is spot on, and is truly unique on story telling too. I quite enjoy his content too. So if anyone that I could find to support on YouTube he is one, even if it’s just talking about him, watching his videos, and giving him likes on his videos. I really don’t talk much on comments but I enjoy the content he gives us to watch. Next up I’ll be talking about YouTuber who was part of the husband and wife team of Not a Gamer Gaming. His name is Genosis, and he’s another one that I watch for his 7 days to die content. Now I’m going to talk about another Platform that I don’t watch so much anymore.

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Its Twitch

Twitch streamers

Streamers are a unique blend of content creators because unlike YouTube where some just upload videos, (like me), they are able to interact better with their audience and so forth. My favorite Twitch Streamer doesn’t stream like he was, and I kind of miss it because we’re best friends, and we met through another creator that neither one of us support. The twitch streamer I am talking about is RazorsEdge, but he has supported a lot of other streamers, and I do go and lurk in their chat quite often. I’m not entirely sure what made him quit streaming, I mean I could ask him because we’re friends on Discord. I don’t like prying into peoples lives. Course the game we even played together from time to time was Dead by Daylight. I like the game and I know a lot do, and then there are some that just don’t like it all. I liked playing it with friends, even though I played it a lot solo too. Doesn’t matter much to me but with the others that love to play the tunnel syndrome it became a boring thing for me. When you are constantly running away from a killer who tunnels you every time you were released off a hook it became annoying as shit.  With Razor he introduced me to Lena Axios, LadyNigh, just to name a few, and they are great streamers and I enjoy their attitudes, and the games they play. I am just not a huge fan of Twitch in general.



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