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Wow and this is about the game

It’s still a grind fest, but not as bad.

Requisites for regular flying in Dragonflight

Since I’ve been playing Warcraft around the time of the release for Legion I have not been a huge fan of the pathfinder achievements for flying in the current content. I may not have liked doing them, but I did them so I could get around faster by flying over using my ground mounts. Course now since Dragonflight being the current content in WoW, we don’t need the achievements for pathfinder to fly in older content, but none the less I did my grind for them, and I’m happy because those are achievements that I can say I have. Only thing I did not like is the reputation grind they force us to do to get certain things. Like since my main is a Void Elf Hunter who specializes in Beast Master so that I can obtain the special hunter pets that we can tame. That is something I like to do and that is achievement hunting. Of course if you’ve seen my latest videos I have opted to leave the guilds I was apart of , and just go back to solo mode only. Even though the guilds kept people from messaging me about joining theirs. It was just well they did keep asking me to donate my materials I gathered, and yet I couldn’t even access the guild bank to get a few items from it. So that is why I have quit them all together. Now I am thinking of doing what others have done in the past and that is make my own guild. I just can’t be bothered to join a guild and get involved into a whole world of demands, and being bitched at for not having enough time to join others for pvp, and or raids and etc. I just want to be left alone.

This was huge for those of us that don’t like the rep grind to get flying unlocked.

Apparently they listed to the feedback from those that went on the PTR to test the latest content patch. and when they first released another note that I saw on WoWHead’s website releasing an update to their current notes about the upcoming patch that will be released on the 7th of this month. They listened and dropped the requisite for having our Renown up to level 15 for the pathfinder for Dragon Isles. The only thing I will have to do is find the last piece now in the Zaralek Cavern and then explore the Emerald Dream when it’s released. So this is a huge thing for us that maybe now in the future expansions and so forth that we won’t be tied so much to have a pathfinder achievement to get flying unlocked. So to see this today was a pleasant surprise for us. Yes I am a premium user on WoWHead  I have been there for the last few years because I use them all the time to find out things about the game. So yeah this is nice to see they listened for a change.

The Forsaken Heritage Armor set

The quest line for Forsaken Heritage Armor Set was Fun

This is the image I found on WoWHead for the forsaken heritage armor set that I did last night for something to do. I did have to go and do the “of Lordearon” title. I did do this quest line once for my Hunter so I could get the Dark Range Armor set, and the other customizations for my elves. So I was happy to do it again for my Forsaken so that I could get my heritage armor set. I am not much for titles, but it’s nice to have that in his arsenal as well too. Demarcus Leo is my first character and when I decided to start playing I wanted a Forsaken (Undead) Warlock in Demonology. When I’m running around with him, He’s got the Void Seeker and Void Lord’s skins, and some of the others for my other companions for him. I still need to do the quest that has me fighting  Lord Banehollow and I gave up in the past because I just couldn’t do it. I changed specs and everything and kept getting killed. Not sure if I still have the quest in my log, or if I need to pick it up again. Either way I want to do that quest line as I think it’s something fun for me to do. Either way I do enjoy playing the classes and earning achievements in WoW on my own, and in my own time.

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