Who are we really?

Introduce yourself week

Who are we really?

I ask this because who are we really in either online and offline? I mean do you play a character at times online, or are you one of those ones that don’t change who you are in both. I only raise this question because I thought it would be a good one to have during this introduce yourself week because we can all say one thing, and do other things that usually go against our nature. I am one of those people that can play a character, but only in a game, or if I am playing with friends in a game like Pen and Paper Vampire the Masquerade. I have even thought of creating a series for 7 days to die that would require me to write up a character that would play out during the apocalypse.

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Zombie Outbreak

I also did roleplay in Star Wars: The Old Republic when I was actively playing that MMO, but I stopped shortly after the release of the expansions that I called, “No longer worth it because it’s a slumber festival.” I lost my desire to roleplay there when they started changing things and trying to push things onto me that I did not want to do. To this day they are still trying to push their content that I have no desire to play, so I rarely log in, and plus I enjoy story content more than anything else so when they only release an hour to two hours worth of content I don’t see the need to log in and do it, I’m waiting for a lot of the content to be released so I have more then just an hour or two to log in. I guess that is why I started playing other MMOs and so forth and working on them a lot more. So there is that.

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