Welcome to Blaugust

Welcome to Blaugust 2023

This post is to welcome everyone both new and old even if you’re not writing or vlogging , and just become a reader. The idea is to promote Blaugust and maybe even attract some new people to join the fold. I’ve been doing this for the last few years minus the year they did prompts, I sat out and just did my own thing during then. I’m not good at writing prompts, or following someone else’s post. Course I am doing something different this year again. I am scheduling all my posts as I write them out at nights or even early mornings when it’s quiet and I’m able to concentrate easily and be able to produce quality content. So if you haven’t had the chance to read my past posts I am sorry about that, I had my website and blog hacked not once, not twice, but at least 3 times in the last year and half. It’s also why my sub-domain was even shortened from Shadowz MMORPG down to just Shadowz Abstract Gaming, and now it’s just “S.A.G.”, it still means Shadowz Abstract Gaming just a shorter sub-domain name so that it’s easier to put out there in links, and so forth.

Return of a blogroll?

That may be a possibility that I will be adding a blogroll, or just this time I’ll make a separate page with all the blogs that will be apart of Blaugust, and those I’ve followed over the years from previous events that I’ve done. So look for that page to start up within the next few days. I’ll keep the page updated if we get new bloggers, and so forth because it’ll be the best way to share content, and attract new readers. Blogrolls are a good way to promote one another, and to find new blogs to read if that is your thing. You’ll always find something interest to read and whether you agree or not with the content it’s still just one person’s opinion and one person’s view on things. So please just remember to keep an open mind when you read posts, some you’ll agree with, other’s you won’t. Just have fun.

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