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Warcraft Achievements

I know a lot have done all this over the years since Legion was released in Warcraft, and as each patch went through they were able to get their Class Hall Mounts, well I’ve been a late comer to all this. Being a strictly solo player mostly. I haven’t given myself a lot of time to play the game, but when I do I enjoy it. I have a list with all the class hall mounts, along with the needed species that have multiple mounts too. Like the Paladin has 3 species tied in with it. I have their mounts already, but to work on the Legion Class Hall Mounts I decided I wanted to try for them all since I had Breaching the Tomb on character that was my main. Course you still have to do the leg work with some of the quests before you are able to start the Class Hall Mount, but it’s not having to do it all.

Class Hall Mounts

As you can see from the list above I have pretty much gotten all the mounts for the Legion Class Hall, and am currently working on the Priests mount. I have currently 234 out of 250 Mounts for the Felfire Hawk. I pretty much have my Death Knight located right outside of Ice Crown for the raid that drops Invincible. And I have a macro for the Voidtalon one as well and I try to get around there each time that the realm restarts, and I do follow the Wow Secrets but I’m not always there to find them in time. So I keep missing that one, and the ones that drop from older raids, well I don’t have a good relationship with RNG when it comes to the mounts, but I won’t give up trying though.

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