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Utter disappointment

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I wish I could say that I wasn’t placed into utter disappointment tonight. The other day I logged into my gaming Gmail account and saw a message that just sounded too good to be true. Well tonight it proved to be just that. After several correspondents back and forth I was told it would not happen because I don’t have a following. What this was suppose to be was a business sponsoring , partnership for a racing wheel. I won’t blast the company because I honestly believe their H&R Person did not do enough research onto my profiles that are not hidden. Even when I was searching their website they didn’t have a listed of criteria to have a partnership with them at all. I was kind of looking forward too putting their wheel up against my HORI Racing Wheel Apex for PlayStation 4/3, and PC. This reminds of of the same fiasco with the gaming chair that started out as them wanting me to try their gaming chair that once they seen I didn’t have a huge social media presence, or that my YouTube channel didn’t have enough subscribers to them wanting me to pay them for the chair, then when I explained that I live on a fixed income they offered me $50.00 to review their website. I will get a better racing wheel in the future. For me this just feels like another slap in the face of companies, and or people saying oh we’ll give you this item for free to try for a few reviews, only to be told because I don’t have a huge social media following, and or YouTube channel, to me it basically feels like they are telling me this, “You aren’t good enough to try our product.”

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This hasn’t hindered my attitude on still growing my YouTube channel. It’s just still disappointing that I get those feelings of shit being too good to be true. I will continue on doing what I do and that is grow my channel, my blog, my social media all at my own pace, and not because some company that can’t be bothered to do their homework, or refuse to list their requirements to join their team on promoting their merchandise. I think the whole kicker about this that gets me is that this person even sent me an invitation to join, and then reneges on said invitation.   This is why I am always so skeptical being offered anything by anyone anymore. Call me a cynical person or what have you. I am just like that. Yeah this is my small rant about being disappointed when someone reneges on their invitation because having a small channel, small social media following, but it is what it is. I’ll get it over it, and be done with it all. It will just take a few days. So yeah go Shadowz (Me)


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