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Lets get to know each other. I mean that.

Who is Shad0wz

I started using Shad0wz back in like 2003-2005 in a virtual chat called VP chat, that was at the time named Halsoft Chat because they bought the client to use it and charged us $10.00 a month for up to 5 names. I also didn’t use Shad0wz then either at the time I was on the various forums of xXx_Vampyr_xXx, or whatever name I could come up with, and reason being was because I got into playing Vampire the Masquerade in an online text format that we ran both in text , and in a forums as well. I was of course the story teller that most enjoyed or hated because I came up with some off the wall, but legit things for our clans to get into trouble. Then when all was said and done. I just became a Shad0wz Vampyr  and it stuck with me and I ended up dropping the Vampyr part of my online persona and became LadyShad0wz Greymoon in second life. Over the years after I became an online DJ in Second Life that I just dropped the Lady part of it and became Shad0wz. In 2010 – 2012 I was just in second life a lot , and I made a lot of great friends who I considered my online family. To this day we still keep in touch even though I rarely go into second life now, but I still have my marketplace shop there, and I do own a home there for Blade and I to go from time to time and have a little bit of fun.

moon illustration

Moon phases

So that is why I am now called Shad0wz online and offline as well. I get a Shad0wz offline a lot because I am just that someone they see one minute, and I’m gone. It’s just how I have lived my life for a good while now. Plus if you look up the definition of a shadow I have been told I am a constant companion, especially when it comes with animals. More with dogs then cats, but none the less I am a constant companion for them over humans, like I’ve said in the past posts I trust animals more than a people. In tomorrow’s post I will be talking about the games I play, and why I play them and how it’s not always MMOs anymore so until next post folks, enjoy!


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A woman who enjoys playing video games, and will blog about my experiences, but also record video game play for my YouTube channel.
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