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Replaying Class Stories

Replaying Class Stories for a YouTube Series

I recently decided to go back and start playing class stories in SWTOR so that I have another means of content for when I don’t have other videos to upload for the off days that I don’t have 7 Days to Die content. Plus there are stories that I really do enjoy replaying and well having a YouTube channel to upload videos gives me a reason to replay these stories and recording my game play. No matter how bad I may be at the games. It’s just something I am enjoying to do at the moment. I do have my max level characters that I play on from time to time when new content is released, then I go back to my low level ones to play and learn new things about the classes. Now that we can play multiple class specs like be a Imperial Agent that has a smuggler background makes it more interesting. Like my Sith Warrior who is a Fallen Jedi Knight, or as a double agent who decided to leave the confines of Tython and become one with both the light side and the dark side of the force. Which is how I am currently playing this story line. My Jedi Knight left the comfortable training grounds of Tython and decided to enter the dark side of the force only to find others like him, and expose the lies of the Dark side. I am still currently working on his backstory all together. Which when I finally write it I will be post his story here on this blog maybe. Not entirely sure yet.


A YouTube Series

Of course as I’m looking back into my Playlist I’ve noticed that I screwed up a lot of the numbers on the episodes, and I will go back and fix them, I just didn’t realize it at the time. I do a lot of reuse of playlist titles, and descriptions. Oh well that is what happens when I am usually tired and can’t fixate on anything when I’m going through things. Much like this blog at times too. I will be trying to do all 8 class stories in their original form. Leveling without using the Master’s Datacron that I can buy from the Cartel Market. I will use the legacy perks I have, and do the full story content up to Knights of the Fallen Empire, that is because well truth be told. I don’t like those part of the expansions so when I can, I’ll do them, but I’d just rather skip over them. I know I can’t with my Sith Warrior because they will have him kill off the character I don’t want to kill anymore. That is Arcann because in the long run I do tend to side with his hostility towards the outlander. That is just me, I tend to side with the bad guys more so over the supposedly good ones because to me it just makes sense. I know a lot of people still hate these expansions, and I’m still sitting on the fence about doing it again, but it would make sense since I’m doing an entire YouTube Series with the Sith Warrior who is a Fallen Jedi Knight, but below is the play list and if you want, you’re welcomed to go over to my YouTube channel and watch there, or just watch from below. Either way enjoy!

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