Other ways to stay motivated

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This isn’t only just for blogging

Staying motivated can mean a lot of things for a lot of various things. Even for your everyday life, after work, after your child’s school if you should have children, and etc. It’s always good for ways to keep yourself motivated and also finding ways to reduce your stress levels. Also don’t forget to change your environment too from time to time. Like if you have a laptop, or tablet. Go sit outside if you can and write, or something.  Create a schedule that works for you. That is  the most important thing is making sure you’ll not get burned out. If you are lacking readers, subscribers either via app or email you have to find a way to promote yourself. There are numerous ways to promote your blog and yourself. Social media the big thing. Get on various platforms to promote your blog, and sometimes you’ll luck out and find a community that will support you and help promote you as well. Don’t forget to yourself out there. The most important thing for you to think about is why you started your blog, why you decided to jump into something that gives you a way to talk about whatever it is that you wanted to get out there.


Don’t forget to read and reply to comments if you have them, but don’t feed into the negativity of some comments. While you are sifting through all those comments left by people, look to them for new ways to have them motivate you to keep your blog rolling on into some sense. Don’t forget to go through the comments and if you’re getting a lot of spam comments. Well make sure you have a way to combat them. I use Akismet plug in which is free to use, and if this is a personal blog you can name your price. Either way just make sure you’re finding ways to combat spam no matter what.

Is it a way to offset your income and don’t pay attention to analytics

If this is a way to help offset your income, and you want to make money off your blog, then you need to look at it like a business and so forth. Working on your blog is a way to make an income if you’re looking to make money. There will be days that you don’t want to work on it, write, or whatever it is you are planning on doing. If you want to make money off it, then you have to look at it like your job, and then push yourself to do it even if you’re tired, and so forth. Just remember why you wanted to start your blog, and why you decided to make money or at least try to make money off the blog. Always have a goal for your blog, and don’t go looking at your analytics on how you’re blog is doing because it will make you feel worse if you don’t believe the numbers are where they should be. I know some will say to pay attention to your stats, but I believe you should just glance at them, and walk away from them. Don’t get yourself hung up on the stats because it’s not going the way you want too. We all have those days were our blogs aren’t doing so good, and there will be days that they will do good.

Check back tomorrow when I talk even more about ways to stay motivated, and I’m hoping some of the information I have given so far is helpful. So until then.

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