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My thoughts on MoP Remix

Thoughts about it

I was skeptical at first about even attempting this remix of MoP, but I decided that I wanted to give it a try with a class that I’m always enjoying, but with one of my allied races, so I jumped in, and surprisingly I was enjoying it. I worked my tail end off to get my Nightborne leveled. I did read that if you do allied races, that once this event will end then they will move to a permanent realm, so I have my Nightborne sitting there waiting  to be moved from Pandaria over retail all the way. Now I’m working on two races at the moment. First one I’m doing is Zandalari Troll  and a Kul Tiran so once they both hit level 50 their heritage armor unlocks will be there waiting for them. So yeah I’m enjoying this at the moment. Course the leveling process is really good once you get the cloak up there to let you level alts. I’m hoping they will do older content remixes because I believe this is a great way to level, and also play older content. It’s truly something different and I’m really enjoying it, since I’ve never really went back and played the older content previous to Legion on where I started playing Warcraft. While I know some would not enjoy this as they have already played MoP and from what I’ve heard some did not like it at all, so this event may not be something they would enjoy, but never know until you try.

Mounts that I’ve earned so far

I was a few short of hitting the 300 mark for Mounts in the game, and going into MoP I didn’t know if I wanted to buy any of them. Until I looked through the list, and found 7 that would give me my 300 Mounts so that I could get Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent which I was so happy to achieve this on my own. Of course I was going through the list of collectible mounts and saw the one I have been wanting, but is such a hard farm, and that is the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent that you can get from the Sha of Anger but it’s a very low drop chance, so I opted to spend the 38,500 Bronze to get it because I do not like going to kill him weekly only to be let down on my characters that do not get it, so I guess in some sense I cheated because I just bought it outright from the event. I’m also working on the other one is Onyx Cloud Serpent, which I believe you get from earning an achievement, so I’m hoping that I can get it, if not I’ll just buy that one out right as well before the event is gone.

Over all thoughts

I’m enjoying this event, and I hope to get the rest of my goals done. If not, well I’m just happy that I’m doing the remix, but I am not raiding, doing dungeons, or anything else. I am doing this strictly as a solo player and well I’m enjoying it. So yeah for the next 80 some days I’ll be playing MoP Remix, and enjoying my time. I hope those that are playing this is enjoying their time too, if not well I wish you luck in everything you’re doing.

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