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My Review of the PXN racing wheel V900.

A good budget wheel

I recently bought a new racing wheel for my ATS and ETS 2 it was to replace my Hori Racing Wheel Apex for PlayStation 3/4 and PC. I will keep that for in the future should and when Blade decides to buy a PS 3/4 for himself and he will have a racing wheel for his Gran Turismo games. I wanted a new wheel and I had my eyes on the PXN V900 for a while now, while I really wanted the latest one they have out, I just don’t have the money at the moment to put it out there, course my dream wheel comes from Thrustmaster itself, and it’s the T248, but I don’t have $400 US to put out for that one, so I get what I can afford. Even the used market it out of my league too. Blade would sell his soul just to get me whatever I want to make me happy, but I don’t like him spending his hard earned paycheck on me. I prefer to use for things that he needs, or what Raven needs too. I know throw a shocked look into that last part of the post. A woman that doesn’t want her partners paycheck. I honestly feel guilty when I use his money to buy things that I want. I’m not sure why I am like that, but I am.

So how much did I spend for this wheel? It was listed as Used- Like new, so I got it for $89.99 and with tax it came out to $95.39 and prime shipping. So I ordered it on Friday March 1st, and it was delivered on March 5th. It traveled a bit before it got to me, and I was happy to wait for it to come in. I did do an unboxing video which I will put into this post over on my YouTube channel. I have a game play video of me using the wheel that I haven’t uploaded to YouTube yet. I did however have to go back on my controller once I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work properly at first, then I just decided to try another way and that way does work, and I did use the wheel quite a bit last night so I’ll be uploading those videos in the future. I don’t have a cam to show me using the wheel, and the video I did the unboxing with was with my cell phone. I was quite surprised at how well it came out in all honesty I never really used my cellphone for videos, just pictures, and maybe a short here or there for YouTube of Raven. Still I was quite impressed with the quality of the video, so at the end of this post is my unboxing video. As for game play with this wheel over a controller.

Still my favorite controller to date

This will always be my go too for other games that require a controller only because I am so use to it and how easy it was to plug in and play with it. I’ll use it for my other racing games, Killer Instinct, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 and 2 and a few other games that I have that require a controller. I did some research though before I bought this wheel, and for the most affordable range for myself it was the better of the PXN wheels. There was another that could have been bought from Walmart at a cheaper price, but it wasn’t what I wanted. So I bought this wheel at the cheaper price tag which originally goes for $124.99 US, so buying a like new used wheel was not a bad deal for me. Like I said in the beginning of this, I did have disable my controller to get it to work as a wheel, but not the way that some on YouTube suggested as LSB-USBMX 1/2/3 driver. I do suggest one thing if you have a controller hooked to your PC for other games and that is to invest in an external USB port of either 4 or 7 that has switches on that you can turn off and or on. It’ll make it easier to shut off the controller over having to unplug it from the USB port on your PC. It’s just my suggestion if you don’t have the ports , but if you do, and don’t mind having to turn it off to use the wheel then you are welcomed to stick to that method. I was just unlucky not to have enough ports that I needed to buy one, and I don’t regret it. Course I have two on my PC, and one is just from Walmart that I had mailed to me a few years ago, and the other I got from Temu just last year because my mother doesn’t know how to use them, so she told me to keep it. I am also posting the two links where you can pick up the wheel. One is for the Used-Like New, which is the one I bought, and the other is just the new from them.

PXN V900 Used-Like New
PXN V900 New

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