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Update: My Main Twitter Account.

I recently got an update on my first ever twitter account. The account I am talking about is Shad0wzGreymoon. It’s not good news for me, but I am still appealing their decision on it because I did not do what they are saying I did. I checked and double checked the tweets & replies it shows that I made over 100 tweets with @names, in like 3 minutes on July 14, 2022 at 2:49pm and it went on until 2:51 pm. I wasn’t even at my PC nor on my cellphone during that time because I was outside with Raven, and getting ready to make dinner that night. My last tweet was actually on July 13, 2022 at 6:09am so how was I able to make that many tweets on the 14th. I know exactly what I was doing that day, and I have even submitted yet another appeal to them explaining that it wasn’t me. It just upsets me because even though I am a nobody on twitter, my account was taken away just like that. Upon further investigation I believe I was one of the 5.4 million twitter users that had the information namely my email account breached, and yet I am being held accountable for something that they have even admitted to having an issue with their API and their own security.

The image above is only a small portion of the tweets they said I sent. I didn’t send those. Truth be told I don’t even know those names that are showing up. I didn’t even have that many followers on that account when all this took place, but yet there were tweets upon tweets with multiple user names on this account, and to me it all looked like stuff pertaining to bitcoin. I don’t have bitcoin, or any of those crypto currencies but yet these tweets showed up in a matter of minutes, and I was instantly shut down not long after, but I did not receive the email from Twitter support that I was suspended until like 6:00pm that night. I would go days without logging into my twitter account, and that is because at the time I wasn’t feeling right mentally so I took a break for a few days and this happened.

Will I ever get this account back now? Probably not, because I am beginning to believe it is falling on deaf ears. I have since enabled a Two-factor authenticator on my Shadowz Abstract Gaming Twitter account. I already have these authenticators on multiple accounts. From steam, all the way down to my MMOs I play from time to time. So my helpful tip for you on this disaster that is now my life online. Protect all your accounts with these two factor authenticator systems, make your passwords stronger by using a password generator, even a password saver that allows you to make harder passwords. From having to reset my webhosting, to losing my twitch account for a day or two, having unauthorized stuff on my Amazon account, now my personal bank had me change my password recently due to showing me logged in from the Ukraine to this. Just protect yourself online because as someone who truly is a nobody online, this does happen to everyone. I am now living proof of this shit. I do nothing , I try to stay to myself, and this is the thanks I get because someone gets upset with something said, done, or whatever. So please let my bad luck be a good thing to help you strengthen your passwords and protect yourself online. I have an authenticator on just about everything now and I am doing a lot more to protect my online life as well as my real life identity as well.

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