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In the post from the other day. I wrote about some of the games that I play and how some are MMOs and a lot more aren’t. I do tend to play games that many won’t play because I enjoy them, while many don’t understand how I play these games and enjoy them because many don’t like that, games I’m talking about is like my international snooker, dead by daylight, there is also a few others that I can’t remember off the hand.

Super Mario figurine on brown surface

It’s me, Mario!!

I like games that make me think, so there is that, and I have a ton of puzzle games that I play that I enjoy a lot. I am the type of person that needs to keep my mind simulated and always in the mood to learn more and more. Then there are games like Cooking Simulator, Animal Shelter, Pets Hotel, Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, House Flipper. Just naming a few that I enjoy playing even if I’m not recording games. Gaming is just something that has helped me over the years now that I can find a release for a lot of my rage too with the those violent games I play. I am even thinking of putting Grand Theft Auto back into my rotation and on one of my hard drives to play from time to time only because I honestly miss playing the game. I am also thinking of going back into recording the online portions from time to time, and go back and play the story mode again because I really enjoyed the stories of it too. It’s just a thought at the moment.

I never really know what I’m going to play from time to time, but I’m gonna end this blog and go record some game play to upload my YouTube channel. Keep checking back as I am now thinking of various other things to do this month. So until next time folks !!

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