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Let’s talk about Blade and I

Forever is never enough with you!

Our beginning

Where to start with this. This is the first time I am writing a post like this, and giving our history together. I guess the best place to start is how I met him. I had just gotten my first mountain bike for Easter, and I was out riding it alone and went to our local park down by the river. It was a nice sunny day and I was the type of kid that spent a lot of time outside and on my own. I had my cigarettes in my pocket, yes I started smoking at a young age because I wanted too. Again I was a child that was a loner, I didn’t have friends, I didn’t do things with others often. I was out riding my bike that day and Blade was sitting on the benches and asked me for a cigarette. He was 22 years old, I was 12 years old. Yes many say that he was preying on me, but that isn’t the truth in the matter. He wanted a cigarette, and we started talking about various things, and it was the first time in my life that someone would talk to me like a person and didn’t treat me like a kid that didn’t know anything. That is how our friendship started, of course my father caught wind of this and started telling me all sorts of things that were not true of him, and I just didn’t care. Blade and I were just friends, but yet I guess in a parents point of view, I can understand how it may look after I was molested by a neighbor who did the same thing. Except Blade and I were always out in the public around others, just talking, laughing, and being friends.  This went on for a good while until I was put into the system because my father had a nervous breakdown. So Blade and I no longer could hang out, and talk. There was never any hint of attraction to him from me because I was just not into anyone like that when I was a pre-teen. We didn’t talk or hangout after all that.

Our Next Meetup

It wasn’t until I was 16 going on 17 that I found Blade yet again in my life. Yes I always thought of him during our time apart. I missed talking with him, laughing with him. It wasn’t until I found him that I realized that I was attracted to his personality. So he became my first. My first true love, my first kiss, and my first everything. He is also the father of our two daughters. Who are now 28 and soon to be 27. He does have other children from previous relationships, but ours is a unique story and I’m going to take this week to tell it all. How a 13 year separation landed up back together in 2013, and how for the last 10 years our lives have been tried again and again. So join me this week as I explain a lesson learned in life. Enjoy our journey that still continues to this day!

True love never dies! It just always grows and grows

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