Let’s talk about 7 Days to Die today

No longer Alpha, but now versions. 1.0 Experimental

We’re out of Alphas now

So we have are now out of Alphas and into versions of the game for 7 days to die. What does that mean? Well it’s no longer called alphas from this time forward it will be listed as versions instead of Alphas. Do I feel good about this? I’m on the fence still. I did not watch any of the developer streams, and I did not watch anyone doing the streamer weekend this past weekend. I did that because I didn’t want to spoil anything for myself. I followed some of the developers note, but I did not follow it if you can understand that. I even do that over in MMOs that I play because if they are doing something to give a story, or whatever I don’t want to have it spoiled for me. Sadly though as I hopped into Experimental version there was nothing of that sort to spoil me with, but still it does have a new progression system which I’m blah on. I don’t feel it was really necessary to just give XP away for doing the mundane crap we do all the time anyway.  Traders now make sense as well as each Biome has a specific trader and their routes are updated during your progression with them. Here is the list of how the traders now will open and their perspective biomes.

  • Traders/Biome order
        • Rekt – Forest
        • Jen – Burnt
        • Bob – Desert
        • Hugh – Snow
        • Joel – Wasteland

It’s nice to see them bringing the Wasteland back, but I haven’t ventured into it just yet. Also nice to see that the traders are selling items they were suppose to. Rekt sells a lot of Farming related stuff, Jen does Medical, Bob does I believe Mechanical, and Vehicles, Hugh does weapons I believe, and Joel is suppose to be the hoarder of Armor. At least I believe that was how it was set up in the past, I haven’t seen the other traders yet, but Rekt has a lot of lines now specially with his opening and closing monologues. I couldn’t help but to laugh each time I hard them last night as I played.

Where am I am going in this Experimental?

Right now I’m just playing until two things happen. 1 a Zombie kicks my ass so hard it kills me, (Nah I’ll just respawn) or they require me to restart because of an update in the unstable branch which will be the main reason for me to restart it. I just always use the “How long will I survive?” in the experimental branches of this game only cause it’s true. How long do you survive without a forced restart in experimental? So yeah I am working on a playthrough for stable, and it’s all a work in progress as they say. Just have to wait to see what I come up with but I will be bringing 7 Days back to my YouTube video rotations just not an everyday thing again. I  still play my other games, and so forth.  Below is my first look into V. 1.0 of 7 Days to die. So please enjoy.

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