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It’s started again for me.

Let’s play 7 Days to Die

I started off this year with a nice bang for me. I am still uploading videos I recorded last month in bulk as that is how I usually play anyways. So a lot of my videos don’t have commentary, and some have little. I am really struggling with talking while I’m playing because I don’t know what to really say a lot of the time. Also my game play of 7 Days is modded as I’m just doing something totally different then an original unmodded version to it. A lot of my mods came from Nexus Mods, and the 7days to die mod website. I have also been trying to find new thumbnails that aren’t entirely from the game, but various free website wallpapers that I can edited and use as a thumbnail to maybe draw attention to the content. Also the other issue I have too is I don’t want to record my mother’s phone conversations or something along those lines because to me that is nothing more annoying then having someone’s conversation in the background. I have noticed that since I have yet again had to update my graphics, it’s yet again changed my audio settings which means I’ll have to go in and fix them yet again. I really wish AMD would understand that I don’t use their audio, and there is no need to keep changing those settings all the time in OBS, but I’ll always go back, check and fix it. I got the world name from a friend on Twitter he suggested it so I took him up on it, and have been using that as a Pregen 8k map. The world name is Welcome To Hell. It’s done that exact same way, so it’s an easy map, and I didn’t have to do much on it. I haven’t fully explored it yet, and I don’t know how long this play through will go on. It’ll probably last as long as A20 is still the main alpha in 7 days to die. I am currently working on a new world name for A21 when it’s released to the rest of peons in the community. Even though A21 hasn’t even been mentioned yet. I do plan on keeping 7 days to die on my channel, even if I do switch it out to other games that I’m being asked to play now. Like I’ve been asked to play another game I have in my steam game list. I will be talking about that in the next part of this blog post.



Let’s play House Flipper

This was part of my poll on both Facebook and Twitter and well even though 2 games were tied on Twitter, it was the final count over on Facebook that brought this game to my play list on YouTube. I didn’t even think that people would be interested in this but I have decided to give it a go, and so far it’s been enjoyed and I’ve gotten a few comments about it and how they are enjoying it. Which makes me happy because at least it doesn’t feel pointless, I will be continuing that play through as well because it’s enjoyable for me, and I’ve done it for quite a while now and I do enjoy playing that game a lot more then I thought I would. I am also switching things up for my channel as well. Meaning I will be uploading videos for the entire week, starting on Sunday and ending the week on Saturday. That’s because a few have said they wished for more of House Flipper, so that is what I am doing. I am adapting to my viewers and am willing to change up my recording schedule, and uploading just for them. I mean it’s the same with blogging, I do it because I enjoy it, and I want to keep the readers by publishing content for my blog, so naturally I’m trying to keep my viewers as well by publishing content in the form of videos for them as well. I am also waiting on a new piece for my PC that will allow me to add even more games. Blade and I talked, and well a new M.2 is what I got off of newegg, so once that piece comes in, I’ll have to move my games around for 7 days to die since they are currently on a smaller M.2 drive, and I don’t want to lose my saves for 7D2D, and I will be adding a few new games to my playlist of playthroughs to see how well they do. It may be one or two episodes, but I’m willing to try new things for others who don’t read my blog, but do watch my videos on YouTube.

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