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I am confused

My best friend, the man I share my life with, the one I love more than anything in this life was literally tossed under a bus last week. He thought he was doing a good thing until Monday came around and he was called into the office at work. He knows the only three reasons to ever get called into an office is for not so good reasons. He now has a slip on his record that should come off in the coming months, but this is what is perplexing about the whole thing. He was accused of sexual harassment. Females aren’t really in the areas where he’s working because it is back breaking, and very dirty work. There are women that work there, but they work in the office, they take care of payroll, company policy, and etc. Still he is nice to them, flirts with them just a tad, makes comments about their husbands being lucky men, and etc. It’s harmless and none of them ever felt threatened in a sense to complain about being harassed. He thought he was doing a good thing as to help this girl out, and yes she’s a girl. She’s just barely over legal age of 21, so to me she’s a kid. Well last week she was called into the office for being on her phone, and got caught. He thought he was doing a good deed by helping her out. When she made a pass at him, he politely declined it. Showed her Raven and I on his phone as we are his lock screen, and his wallpaper on his cell phone.

Blade is a good guy, he was raised right by his mom and step dad. He was taught to respect women, treat them with kindness, and always make them smile. So yeah at times he does get a little carried away, but he never crosses that line. I think what hurt him the most is two of his so-called friends, co-workers stood up for her by saying he did just that. This is what has perplexed me the most of this. These guys had no issues throwing him under the bus and they called him a friend. It just baffles me , but I spent the early part of the morning making him realize that he is a great guy with a great personality and not to let these half twits destroy his character that I fell in love with. His character is what I’ve seen when I first met him. Yeah I’m just perplexed about this whole thing because here is a guy that will literally give you the shirt off his back to help out, and people always seem to want to walk all over him. I keep telling him to never change because someone is jealous of him or what he has in his life. It just doesn’t make sense to me at times, but it doesn’t make me love him any less because he is a really good guy. I just wish people would leave him alone, and stop trying to start shit with him, or us for that matter. I am protective of his feelings because he’s a sensitive guy. I know this post really has nothing to do with Blaugust, but in a way it does because I do help keep him motivated in our life and in his job. I’m proud of how far he’s come since we’ve reconnected 10 years ago. He’s my everything no matter.


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