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It is that time of the year again

a 3d rendering of the year 2013 and the number 2013

See ya 2023 !!, we’ll see what 2024 will have in store.

This year was a dozy for sure

2023 sure was one of those years I did not want a repeat of. Besides getting back into a blogging community only to well put myself on permanent mute status on that discord. Then the months I fall silent with blogging, and of course social media. I just don’t have it in me half the time to go on there so I do what I do best. Keep my damn mouth shut because some of the shit that I think will start wars. Not to mention both Blade and I getting sick back in September, October of this year. Me almost losing him due to our system not really giving a shit about people who make less then $20.00 an hour for wages. But next year that is taken care of. We finally found affordable health insurance for him. Not to mention that I am now a diabetic with type 2 and now have to take a pill twice a day. Yay, (NOT), that is not fun, because I am the type of person who doesn’t like to take medications at all. On the bonus side of things I finally got the engagement ring I’ve always wanted.

Not the color of stone I wanted, but is the style I wanted.

I have both Irish and Scottish blood running through me on my mothers side of the family, and I wanted a Claddagh ring for years, but never could find one with a gun metal color. I am not too fond of gold, or even white gold too, but I found this set on Temu, and ordered it for myself. The ad said Stainless Steel, but someone doesn’t know their metals too well because if you look inside the band it says “925”, and I know from past experiences that is sterling silver, but that doesn’t bother me because I am not allergic to silver, where as I am highly allergic to gold. Go figure, not much I’m not allergic too now a days. Raven has been a constant reminder that there is still good in this world too. Her love is amazing because she’s such a lovable pup. She’s also my inspiration for learning to draw too. I’ve never had a dog quite like her in my life. She will literally come get me at night when she knows I need to rest, then she’ll curl up in my arms so I can pet her and fall asleep like this. Then when I get up in the morning I wake up to hear little puppy snores in my ear because she will place her head near me so I can feel her presence. When I don’t have her near me. I have a custom playlist that plays on both Spotify, and of course if I’m in the moods for music videos there is always the playlists on YouTube, which I have included at the end of this post. While I am still a huge fan of the well known bands, I am even a bigger fan of an artist that well looking at his YouTube I feel he should have a ton more subscribers, and it’s a man I’ve been following years and he goes by the name of Seckond Chaynce, I really enjoy his music a lot because it’s a mix of Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, and R&B, and he brings a new breath for me to listen too because he’s such a talented man. If you’ve read my past posts that have a lot of his songs that I have dedicated to Blade, and songs that Blade has dedicated to me by him, then you’ll understand where I’m at on his voice and the lyrics too. Don’t get me wrong that I don’t like the other players in the group, but for me, it is all about the lyrics to a song. So yeah I’m really into lyrics over the beat of the songs I listen too.

My 2023 Steam Review

Now onto gaming this year. Steam just started this last year, and well as you can see I did a lot of gaming in 2023 which was surprising to me. 50% Of the year was done in 7 Days to Die, with American Truck Simulator coming up with 10% and rest were on other games. With the gaming I did over this last year it has helped my YouTube channel grow. I am now sitting at I believe 128 subscribers and it’s not really the end of 2023 yet. We still have a few more days to go before the end of the year, and I’d like to see the sub goal of 130 reached. I think in some sense I am getting a little better even though I don’t edit my videos at all. It’s all the game time I am currently playing. Even though I have had some give me some great advice in my comments on some videos. I just don’t want to edit it because some enjoy that type of content. Unedited game play footage, but I have been learning to pausing when I need too for real life breaks, and other things that I know many aren’t that really interested in. I have been trying to hit the mute button my voice for when I have a bad coughing fit that comes out of no where, but it still doesn’t work all the time and I end up apologizing to everyone because of my sinuses. I doubt I will have another post before New Years Eve, but I will be sitting down and writing up a post on my hopes , and goals for 2024 when we finally welcome that year into the fold. So until next time folks. Have a good day/night, and most of all Keep yourselves safe too.

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