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Goodbye 2022 You won’t be missed

Goodbye 2022

As the title suggests, this is my goodbye post for 2022. I don’t normally care to write these posts, but well since the last few years I have, but sadly those posts are long gone unless I use the wayback machine, but then I’m not even guaranteed to even find them. I even deleted the backups I had as I didn’t know what was infected, and what wasn’t so I got rid of it all. Besides nothing wrong with me having to revamp and rebrand a subdomain that I wanted to do after knowing that the original subdomain was just no longer relevant to the content that I was writing. I was no longer writing just about new MMOs that I found that were free to play, and started covering all kinds of games that I decided when I contacted my webhosting to reverting my domain and hosting back to when I first bought it that I would rebrand Shadowz Abstract Gaming. This subdomain has become a new milestone later this year for me, and I am slowly putting up new posts when I feel like typing them out now. This year has been a lot of ups and downs for me. From having my websites hacked, losing my main twitter account even having my twitch suspended due to a glitch or whatever that was, and I don’t want to forget that my amazon account had issues as well with someone trying to make it like I had a kindle and wanted to trade it in, along with also buying someone some razor credits and I lost $75.00 US and when I went to fight it, my bank wouldn’t help me, so therefore even though I didn’t make that charge, my bank decided against helping me so I lost that money. I finally sat down and started rethinking my YouTube channel, and decided I wanted to come back as a video game content creator and started working on that.

Shadowz Abstract Gaming
I went back and was looking at when I started back up to YouTube and it was roughly around Mid October that I decided to start up a schedule that would fit me the best I could. I play games that I enjoy, record, convert into smaller files so that I can upload to my channel, create custom thumbnails, and schedule them for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I take the weekends off and I’m pretty good with doing that. It seems to be working, and I’m actually having fun doing it this way now too. Course I have had a comment that I don’t talk enough in my videos, and I did leave an explanation on why I don’t always talk now in my videos. I don’t want my mother’s phone calls come through the videos at times as well truth be told. I don’t want her conversations in my videos, I don’t want her in my videos at all too. I decided to create a schedule for YouTube that it would be something to keep my mind going and calm so that I could do this. I started out in October with 49-50 subscribers, and here now at the end of the year I’m up to 60 subscribers which is something I’m proud of. Most of my content is still 7 days to die but now I have switched from MMOs like SWTOR and WoW over to games like House Flipper. I may eventually get into playing The Long Dark, and maybe even some The SIMS 4 where I’m just building homes, rooms and etc. Just the things I like to do in The SIMS 4. Course even Steam got into showing me a review of my year too, and I don’t know what to make of all this, but it is interesting to see how many different games I’ve play via Steam through out the entire year.

This is what steam showed me, interesting to say the least as I don’t recall playing that much, but they said I did. So I guess I did, but this has been my 2022 goodbye to the year post. I hope you enjoyed until next year folks. Have a good one.

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