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The games I play

I have no particular game that I am enjoying more so then others. I just play games to play them, and escape my real life from time to time. I mean that is the real reason we do play games right? It also depends on my mood, and what I want to play. As of late though I have been doing a lot of 7 Days to Die, and then I will jump into my Career in American Truck Simulator. Both are a lot of the featured content over on my YouTube Channel, which I will be posting a playlist for both in these posts somewhere down the line. I also am starting into my first looks into other games that have caught my attention, and have been wanting to play as well. While I still play games like World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and from time to time I will play Black Desert, and I have added Final Fantasy XIV-Online to my list of MMOs too play on occasions. I know a lot won’t understand why I play the more violent games, or the criminal element style of games and that is because my mentality needs an outlet for my anger issues that I have a tendency for violence and from my past talks with therapists have suggested for me to try and release some of my anger to use it on a video game.

Just a small portion of my steam games

Steam is my most go too program for gaming

As you can see I do have games that are not MMOs that I play. Dead by Daylight isn’t really a high up on my games list as it’s not that I don’t enjoy playing it. It’s just not as much fun playing with people who can’t really communicate with you because they are not on your friends list, and they play on another platform. I do have Epic, GOG, EA, Ubisoft, I mostly use Steam though for all my gaming needs. I have the others to have free games and so forth.  I use steam more then anything and I always will, but that is neither here nor there. It’s just my own personal preference. Right now I’m having issues with The Witcher 3 because it keeps crashing to desktop, so until I figure that out, I am not even installing it. I think it has something to do with their launcher they have implemented. It reminds me of the Rockstar Games Launcher and how sometimes that gives headaches too.

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