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Blaugust 2023 is coming soon

I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to do it this year. I’ve been doing it for the last few years, and well after all the headaches I’ve had with blogging and keeping my site hacker free as of late. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do anymore blogging. Truth be told I went from running a few blogs down to just this one, my second life shop one, and well my insanity asylum one that to this day still is having issues with hackers hacking the code and make me reset it back to when I first got it. That is neither here nor there. I’ve decided to come back to Blaugust only after a long thought of it this morning. I’m not entirely sure what my plans will be, but I’ll figure something out. I always do, and who knows maybe this will get me back into the spirit of blogging.

What is Blaugust? well you can read about it here. But overall if you don’t want to read that, it’s a month long event that has been running now for 10 years and it’s to spark a new interest in people who blog, or even vlog. Its something people have been doing for a while now, there is a list to follow, but overall you don’t have too. I need a reason to jump back into blogging at least one a day, week, or whatever I want. Because since losing all those posts, and having my subdomain being shortened like I wanted too back in the past. I’ve lost the desire to blog about most games I was playing, but I’m willing to give myself a renewal to blogging, and find my love for it again.

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Since October of last year though I’ve been recording and uploading videos to my YouTube channel and relaxed on blogging. Like I said above my blogs have been targeted a lot for hackers. So I’ve been keeping my profile lower now since I’m tired of rebuilding my websites. I will be doing Blaugust, and I may do a lot of posts and then just scheduling them during the month so that I don’t rush myself for everything else I have going on in my life. So yeah if you’re interested in just reading blogs, I do suggest following Blaugust as much as you can, if anything to make some new friends, read some articles, and maybe just whatever else you are looking for.

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