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Blade and I continued…..

Captured in time!

I set it all up

Yes you read that heading right. I set it all up to be with him. I knew exactly what I was doing because I had researched our laws about statutory rape laws in Pennsylvania. I did this so that our county that we live in would emancipate me before the age of 18. They were a  constant threat through out my teenage years, and I was tired of being threatened to be taken away from my parents every time I did something they didn’t like. I had reconnected with my father during that time too, and yet he would leave me in our town on the weekends, and I would seek out Blade. We always had a thing for hanging out at the riverbank just talking, and one day it lead to more. I admitted to him that I was falling in love with him because of his character. He said he felt the same for me, and I knew he was single, so we started dating. We’d go out to eat, then again hang out at the park. I know it wasn’t much of a date, but for us it was perfect. It was always just him and I. We never ran out of things to talk about. He might have 10 years on me, but he treated me as his equal. Then again, you would have to meet him to understand that he is literally has a kids mentality. I think that is because he was born drunk, yes you read that right. He was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome back in the 1960s there really wasn’t much known about the after effects.

Did I take advantage of him? No, he knew how old I was, and that I was the one that honestly knew better but did not care. I did not plan to get pregnant though, and even though she was our surprise, she was not unwanted. She was my ticket to freedom so to speak. In our county that we live in, I was able to become an adult 10 months before my 18th birthday. Our oldest was born in May and that was when I was told I was no longer a child in their eyes. I thought they would have left me alone and let us live our lives. That is not the end of this story. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. I don’t want to do our entire story in just two posts, so I’m writing these out and scheduling them for the rest of this week.

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