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Achievement Time in Warcraft

I decided to go ahead and create my Dracthyr and did the starting quests and moving from the Dragon Isles to our prospective cities in the world of Azeroth, since I tend to lean more towards Horde than alliance I went ahead and made him go to Orgrimmar. He’s also level 60 which wasn’t hard to get too comparing he starts at level 58 I believe. Like most of those that are new races to play. I will admit though I did not think I’d like the starting area for the Dracthyr as much as I did, and wished there were more to explore and to just be in awe at the design of everything. Since I have created my own Dracthyr, and got them to their perspective city.  Even though we are in Phase two of the new expansion that isn’t what this post is about that. This post is something I started doing on YouTube and decided for the last few days that I would just play off camera, and I did just that. I will be going back to recording some of it, it’s just no longer a huge issue for me to try and push myself to try and level my  Mag’har Orc and get their heritage armor sets, and I did just that today.

As you can see I hit level 50, and got his armor sets. I didn’t know they get three sets of armor, but none the less I’m happy because it was a goal I set for myself, and achieved it today. He is also my 3rd Beast Master Hunter because I do enjoy playing the hunter spec more so than any other. I still will be working on mounts, and a few other things for other races, but right now I am working on getting some of the armor sets. I did get the Blood Elf Armor Set, the Worgen Armor Set a while back. I also stopped recording this week as I just wanted to play, but I will be picking up on his recording for my solo play through Legion, then BFA, and then eventually hitting Shadowlands and then DragonFlight. I just want to do something different and that is just play through most of the expansions and have fun doing so. Course I do have to go in and turn off the guild invites. In the image below, you can see one of the armor sets. I just chose to hide the helm as I don’t really like hiding the faces sometimes especially since I do take my time to pick out their face and color, markings, and etc.

I do know that I will be going through the Dark Iron Dwarf and getting their armor, and special mount too. It’s just I don’t know what class I will be playing for them. I like my hunters, but I also want to play a variety of things too. I will probably go through Warlords of Draenor so that I can level up a little better even though I have heard talk that leveling up, and gearing will be slightly better in Dragonflight, but I don’t believe everything I have heard and probably won’t until I play it for myself. I take everything online that is said with a grain of salt because some of it can be fabricated even though I do know some of the information is from other players who have been on PTS, and so forth, but things can and will always change in games. The one thing I do try to stay away from the most of the time is datamining because I don’t always believe what is there until it’s full release, or like in this case. Phased into the release of the expansion. I am just having fun playing, and watching the cinematics that are in the game.

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