A small achievement for me.

I upload videos pretty much every night minus Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday, those are the days I take off from uploading, but it usually is the days I start doing my bulk recordings of 7 days to die, or whatever other game I am playing. I only have 56 subscribers on my channel at the moment and I’m trying to get the custom channel name, I do have the @ShadowzAbstractGaming handle for YouTube now, but I’m trying to get a custom channel name and user name so that I don’t have that extremely long URL for it. I know for a lot it’s really no big thing for them, but for me it is because since October of this year I have decided to start uploading and making content for my channel for something for me to do and achieve.

I took a screenshot of this when I decided to go into my channel’s studio to start tonight’s upload, and saw this I was taken back because it is a huge thing for me. It’s just mind blowing because I really don’t follow this a whole lot, but I do go and read everything from comments, to see what videos of mine have the highest views, and what are the most popular for everyone, and yet to see this was just wow to me. How I decided to go and see this was because the main page of my Studio and saw something that made me go digging further into my channel’s studio to find this.

As you can see this is what caught my eye. I had to go and see what it meant, and that is when I started digging into the Analytics to see what it means and well I have over 5k views. It’s just odd for me. I don’t do a lot but I am trying to do something out of my comfort zone at times, trying to play new games, do new things just for something I want to do. I have decided recently to change up Tuesday and Thursdays content from whatever MMO I am playing. Usually it’ll bounce between SWTOR and WOW, of course there is my ATS videos, and a few other games I am toying with in my mind about recording and showing various games I enjoy playing, and etc. I’m still trying to figure out what other games I will be using for Tuesdays and Thursdays in the future because I don’t always want to play games where I’m around people and etc.

Of course WordPress has alerted me a few days ago about being apart of WordPress for 14 years, I don’t remember what blogs I had, but they were probably deleted because I just couldn’t be bothered to keep them up, at least not until S.A. Designz came to life, and now of course I have Insanity Asylum as well which I Need to make a few posts there, but right now I’m writing them in a notebook so that I can go over them with a fine tooth pencil so to speak and reword the things I am writing about. I have that other domain to separate it from my gaming blog and second life, I also have been reading again so I am hand writing my reviews. I haven’t given up reading, there are nights where I don’t want to game, nor watch anything on YouTube, so I’ll turn on some music via Spotify, and just start reading my novels that I have collected again. So this has been a few things I’ve been proud of lately, and a little updates on YouTube Channel, and of course being apart of the WordPress community for 14 years now. So until later on folks.

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