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What is a backlog?

According to Dictionary.com, Cambridge Dictionary, and Merriam & Webster. It’s a large pile of stuff that needs to be done, or things that need to be placed. Whatever you want, but for us gamers it’s usually a bunch of games that we bought and haven’t played yet. I don’t have a list like that, well I mean I do, but not of games I want to play. I have a HUGE backlog of books that I want to read. I am old school when it comes to this. I prefer to have the actual book in my hand over an electronic device like a Kindle, or whatever else you can read a book from. Even though I do have a small tablet, I still much prefer the actual book in my hand where I can curl up in a good chair, with a lamp on, and a cup of coffee. Or just sitting outside in the morning with Raven, and reading while enjoying the morning sunlight with her. Course for me I’d prefer an enclosed in porch with an open door way for the girls to go out and do their business so that I don’t get bothered with Hornets, wasps, bees, and all the other flying little shits that are out there. I am not a person that enjoys being bit by the bugs and so forth. Course I do enjoy the time out in the mornings after he’s went off to work, and before my mother gets up and brings down her dog for the day. I just love the early morning time before it heats up and everything.

Photography of Book Page

a book with open pages, waiting for the story to be written

It’s a follow issue

For those of that us that self host WordPress we don’t have a follow us button anymore. I noticed it when my domain was hacked, and I had to have my web host reset the entire domain and dump my subdomains as well. It was when I was trying to fix this subdomain that I realized the coding wasn’t working anymore. Then I found the post that Belghast had written about adding the follow me button, and when I tried it. I realized then it was no longer working, so upon further investigation I found that it just no longer worked anymore. Instead of clicking the “Follow” button it gave an odd link with a hashtag at the end of it. So I thought at the beginning of Blaugust I would write about it, but forgot about it. So that is why I don’t have the follow me button anymore on my blogs, because it’s a dead code. It only works now if you have a WordPress.com website, which sucks, but yeah I do have a subscription via email, and it still works because its connected to Jetpack, which I wish I didn’t need to have, but I do.

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